Google Discovered the Highest Performing Teams Have These Two Characteristics


What makes a high-performing team? It’s not intelligence. It’s not seniority.

Google recently discovered that the highest performing teams are the ones with two characteristics:

  1. Individuals are able to sacrifice something they want for the good of the team.
  2. Each person feels safe to speak what’s on their mind.

Hidden underneath all of this is the foundation that makes it all possible: trust.

If a team lacks trust, everything else is impossible.

Think about your team. Think about each person on your team. Do you trust them?

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Lateral Teamwork, The Esports Method


What crews of gamers can teach us about management


Five athletes take the stage in preparation for combat. The lights are blinding, the energy of the crowd is intoxicating, their roar deafening. These combatants aren’t phased, they have trained relentlessly for this moment, the moment to prove they are the best at their craft and cannot be defeated as long as they work as the cohesive team they have become. These aren’t physical athletes, these are professional gamer’s and they have mastered teamwork.

I know what you’re thinking, what could a bunch of gamer’s teach me about how to run a team? My question is why haven’t we developed their type of teamwork already.

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Five Lessons I Learned Building a Startup


It goes without saying that every startup faces two major constraints: time and money.

Once a startup is funded, it’s a race to build a profitable business by hitting milestones, launching a product, and developing a customer base before that money runs out.

After the last year and half at NewCo, a media and events startup, I’ve learned and re-learned several important lessons that I believe are applicable to all startup leaders.

NewCo loves cake.

1. Build a Team of True Believers

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How To Cultivate Effective Leadership — Presence Matters


You may have experienced it. You’re sitting in an all-hands meeting or corporate town hall, and one of the speakers from the executive team has trouble connecting with the room. They falter, aren’t sharing compelling stories, or seem disconnected from the rest of the room. They don’t present themselves as a leader, and their message fails to resonate.

The audience leaves thinking, “I don’t trust that this person can get the things done that our organization needs. I’m not confident in their ability to lead.”

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Steph Curry is Redefining Teamwork, On and Off The Court


NewCo Shift Forum — Speaker Spotlight

The Golden State Warriors are a team full of superstars, with some of the best individual talent in the NBA. Much of the Warriors success, though, is due to their relentless focus on putting personal glory aside and working together as a team. Here’s the proof: they have led the NBA in assists the past three years by a significant margin, showing their ability to create opportunities as a team, not just as individual talents. The formula is working — it led the Warriors to a historic 73-win season in 2016, and an NBA championship in 2015.

Steph Curry, as point guard and reigning league MVP, is the chief evangelist of the team-first focus. He’s changing how basketball players are viewed on and off the court, especially given that there’s another side to him that you might not be familiar with: he’s also an avid entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, and is actively getting involved in the startup world.

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