Five Lessons I Learned Building a Startup


It goes without saying that every startup faces two major constraints: time and money.

Once a startup is funded, it’s a race to build a profitable business by hitting milestones, launching a product, and developing a customer base before that money runs out.

After the last year and half at NewCo, a media and events startup, I’ve learned and re-learned several important lessons that I believe are applicable to all startup leaders.

NewCo loves cake.

1. Build a Team of True Believers

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Drinking the NewCo Kool-Aid


Pandora presents in Oakland during NewCo Bay Bridge 2015.

This past week I was in London for NewCo’s third London Festival. During the flight over, I wrote down some thoughts about my experience at NewCo so far.

The NewCo movement is gaining momentum. More than 25,000 people have come out to experience our inside-out conferences, where you hear from founders and creators in their own spaces.

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