The Best Of NewCo Shift — Week of October 24th


Business must lead. That’s the theme of NewCo Shift this year, and certainly this past week or so. Read on for an overview of the most popular and impactful stories we’ve recently published. Thanks for both reading and sharing these stories. Remember to follow us on Medium and social media to receive real time notifications from all our stories as they’re published.

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No Purpose? No Problem

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Why Apple Should Give Away Its Insanely Huge Pile of Money


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Apple is sitting on an unimaginably huge pile of spare cash —roughly $250 billion. This corporate wealth reserve will only grow if and when the Trump administration makes good on its desire to help tech giants repatriate profits that they have stashed overseas to evade U.S. taxes.

What should Apple do with all that money? There are only so many perfect doorknobs a company can buy, after all. In Quartz, David Mattin proposes a suitably grand goal for the company: Fund a giant pilot-test of a universal basic income scheme.

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Chasing Happiness? Find Your Purpose Instead


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Jennifer Aaker on why companies must move from profit to purpose

Jennifer Aaker General Atlantic Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business during NewCo Shift Forum.

Jennifer Aaker is an author, behavioral psychologist, and the General Atlantic Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Best known for her research on time, money and happiness, Aaker also focuses on the transmission of ideas through social networks, the power of story in decision making, and how to build global brands across cultures.

Aaker’s the recipient of the Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award from the Society for Consumer Psychology and the Stanford Distinguished Teaching Award. She teaches Power of Story, Designing for VR/AR: Scaling Empathy in an Immersive World, and Rethinking Purpose at Stanford, and more recently, Humor: Serious Business. She co-authored the award-winning book The Dragonfly Effect with her husband Andy Smith, and serves on the Advisory Board of early stage startups and companies.

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