Freelancers: Want to Help Get Shift Done?


Do you love tech? We’re talking online tools and solutions (some call it SaaS, but that’s industry speak).

Do you love business? Especially NewCos and BigCos that kick butt, take names, and drive change?

Do you love writing about the tech that helps those businesses get shift done?

Yes? Then have we got a gig for you.

A soon-to-launch new section of NewCo Shift is going to focus on the spot where software platforms meet business — the shift that’s taking place in how we get work done.

It will be smart. To the point. Questions answered. Management explored.

Interested? Here’s what you need to do:

Shoot an email to our lead editor, Matt Mansfield at In it:

  • Tell him about your background with online software and tools and provide links to relevant samples of your work online (3 or more);
  • List 3 days and times within the next week that you’re available to talk with Matt for 15 minutes by phone; and
  • Include your contact number so he can call ya’.

C’mon and help us get shift done.

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