To Our Readers: The Best of NewCo Shift, August 15 2016


Medium CEO Evan Williams, subject of our most recent Shift Dialogs.

Hello NewCo Shift readers, it’s been a while since we’ve sent you a note. As many of you know, we lost our Executive Editor last month, and it took us a while to find our voice again. But we’re back, and the last few weeks have been our strongest ever, thanks to a passel of new stories from a fascinating group of contributors. Here are the highlights:

Shift Dialogs Launches We’ve already published half a dozen in-depth interviews with the leaders driving the NewCo Shift. You can find them all here. We’re taking a short break for the remainder of August, but will be back weekly starting in September.

A New Daily The talented and deeply experienced Scott Rosenberg is filling in as the author of our Daily newsletter, you can sign up here, and read his last few columns here, here, and here.

The Weekly Features Ev My weekly column featured an interview with Medium CEO Evan Williams — it’s a deep dive into William’s thinking around media and tech, and features an unexpected take on San Francisco’s housing crisis.

$400K Ain’t Enough Speaking of housing, this letter of resignation from the Palo Alto, CA planning commission was the most popular story we’ve run in the past month. Read on to find out why.

Find a New City Another view on housing from writer Austin Leon, who laments the loss of artists in New York city and contrasts the current era with those of New York’s past. “Find a New City” was also one of our most popular stories in the past few weeks.

Can This Startup Change the Data Game? I wrote a profile of, which has a huge opportunity to kickstart a new approach to sharing insights from big data. As We May Think: Lays the Traceroutes For A Data Revolution

Advice From Facebook Execs Another popular story delivered insights on management from a VP of Design at Facebook. “How a single conversation with my boss changed my view on delegation and failure” was our most recommended story last week.

Hey, Things Are Actually Pretty Good A counter-narrative to the fear and doubt-laced rhetoric of the US presidential campaign also proved popular. Benjy Boxer says “Chill Out Republicans: Life In The United States Is Really Good On A Historical Perspective.”

On Branding and Innovation NewCo co-founder Brian Monahan penned several essays on branding, innovation, and more. Here’s Four Ways Purpose Fuels Innovation, More than a Promise: Brands Are Platforms, and Is Austin the Next Silicon Valley?

Welcome, China NewCo Festivals are expanding to China: NewCo Adds Shanghai, Beijing to Its Global Festival Lineup.

Plus: Jeremiah Owyang on The Ten Types of Corporate Innovation Programs, Jason Lemkin implores us 
Don’t Ever Make Anyone “Head of Sales/Marketing/Engineering/Whatever”, Katie Stanton has An open letter from technology sector leaders on Donald Trump’s candidacy for President, and we published interviews with Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, Max Ventilla, CEO of AltSchool, Jeff Clarke, CEO of Kodak, Tim O’Reilly, CEO of O’Reilly Media, and Rana Foroohar, Author of Makers and Takers.

There’s much more, for the full list of NewCo Shift stories, head here.

Thanks for reading — we’re incredibly proud that more than 30,000 of you have chosen to follow NewCo Shift since our launch four months ago, and nearly 25,000 of you also subscribe to our email newsletters. Hundreds of thousands more have read the stories we’ve run — it’s still early, but we feel the support and really appreciate it.

My best,

John Battelle, EIC

PS — We soft announced the launch of the Shift Forum, an invite only event in San Francisco this coming Feb. You can request an invite here, the initial speaker lineup will be out in early Fall.

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