NewCo Five — Zenefits is making it up to investors


The NewCo Five collects the five most important stories for the NewCo economy that our editors found over the past seven days

Parker Conrad, CEO of Zenefits. Photo by JD Lasica.

1. Scandal-plagued unicorn Zenefits is making it up to investors by increasing their share and cutting its valuation (Katie Benner and Mike Isaac, New York Times)

2. Low wages are bad, but they’re not killing white men (Tim Fernholz, Quartz)

3. Amazon won the first round of the robot arms race by cornering the market (Kim Bhasin and Patrick Clark, Bloomberg)

4. Brexit is a mess. It might also be an opportunity to remake the world economy (Ben Thompson, Stratechery)

5. Maximizing shareholder value isn’t bad, as long as we don’t do it the Jack Welch way (Michael Mauboussin and Alfred Rappaport, Harvard Business Review)

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