Is The IPO Market Poised to Rebound?


A Conversation with Nasdaq Vice Chair Bruce Aust

Bruce Aust at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

Bruce Aust is Vice Chair of Nasdaq, one of the largest financial services firms in the world, best known for its tech-laden, US-based marketplace. But what many don’t realize is that Nasdaq provides the platform for 70 markets around the world, and has an extensive corporate services business as well. The firm recently stood up a non profit, the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, which celebrated its first anniversary just one week ago.

Aust, who ran much of Nasdaq’s operations over the past 15 plus years, recently moved to California to oversee the Center and to be closer to his company’s West coast clients. The Center, which is our partner in producing the Shift Dialogs, has provided free education and mentoring programs to more than 3000 entrepreneurs in its first year. Below is a transcript of my conversation with Aust, as well as the video, both edited for length and clarity.

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