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We’ve been writing with word processors for 40 years. What if we’ve been doing it wrong all this time?

In another Medium Premium series created in conjunction with noted authors and journalists, Workflow, by Author Steven Johnson, interviews famous authors and creators about the tools, techniques, and habits behind the creative mind. This series features conversations with Liz Phair, Rebecca Skloot, Kevin Kelly, and more.

The series intro explores tinkering with workflow, experimenting with new tools and approaches. Johnson enjoys talking to other creative people (sometimes other writers, but not always) about their habits and the technology they use to aid their creative process.

The second piece in the series explores this with another kind of writing — songwriting — in a conversation with noted songwriter, Liz Phair. After Phair there are interviews with Kevin Kelly, Rebecca Skloot, and coming soon Steven Pinker, among others. This is a great series for those wanting to explore how the creative process works.

Read this series: Workflow

Part I: Why Writing Books Is More Than Processing Words

Part II: Liz Phair On Writing After Midnight

Part III: Kevin Kelly Writes To Find Out What He Doesn’t Know

Part IV: Rebecca Skloot Has Too Much Information


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