Trump’s Tech Week: Grumpy Photos, Immigration Tangles, and Layoffs


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So it was Tech Week for the Trump administration this week! What ended up happening?

(1) We got to see lots of photos of tech executives looking unhappy or perplexed or biting their tongues as they sat next to the president on Monday. Tony Romm in Recode has a good roundup of the discussions about modernizing government tech, federal procurement, and healthcare.

(2) While meeting Thursday with wireless network giants and drone startups, Trump promised to cut back on regulations that tie the hands of entrepreneurs, without getting too specific (Recode). Yet one regulation that he is scuttling is entrepreneur-friendly — an Obama-era rule that helps immigrant founders who raise money for their startups stay in the U.S. It’s going to be increasingly difficult for Team Trump to pretend that there’s not a direct conflict between the president’s claim to support job-creating startups and his administration’s anti-immigration policies.

(3) Meanwhile, in the heartland America that elected Trump, the jobs the new president promises to save are continuing to evaporate. At the Carrier plant in Indianapolis that Trump claimed to have rescued six months ago, 600 more workers are being laid off (Axios).

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