Money Quote, Nov. 6 2017

The Algorithm of Deceit

YouTube, Russia, Trump, Facebook…this one has it all.

Well, I was planning on writing a full throated column today, but the unfriendly skies, coupled with a failing laptop, denied us of that outcome. So here are the links I’m reading. It’s an abbreviated version of Money Quote, but it’ll have to do this time. More soon. I’m on the road most of the week, so keep your fingers crossed the Apple Store in Austin or Boulder can help…

Yes, it is. And while this story is about out of control capitalism mixed with uncontrollable algos on YouTube with kids’ programming, it’s essentially the same thing that’s happening with Russian bots.

This story owned the weekend, and rightly so. It’s huge. And we’re staring at the tip of it, there’s a mass under the water that strikes me as yet unexplored.

This is old, from August. But it’s ripe.

Short answer: yes.

Oh my.

Let’s just call it what it is: Innovation killing.

Josh has a great roundup of the week here.

Well, maybe. But…no.

Timing is everything.

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