Record Online Video Meetings for Free with Zoom


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Smile! You’re on candid Webcam!

You may not have heard of the online video meeting utility called; it’s not a big name like Skype, Hangout, or GoToMeeting. But in my experience, when it comes to hosting and recording remote video conversations, Zoom is the only freebie (as in zero cost) that has good video recording built-in. It’s the easiest video chat recorder to use, too — no matter how much you spend.

To start with Zoom, create a login and log in. You’re prompted to download the Zoom app for your desktop or mobile OS. Don’t worry about compatibility; it sends you the right one automatically. The instructions are obvious; you should be able to figure them out with no hand-holding, as long as you haven’t muted your webcam and headset (or speakers and microphone). In only a few minutes, you see your own smiling face on the screen.

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