Think You Know Verizon? Read This, Then Think Again


NewCo Shift Forum Dialogs, in Partnership with Work Market

Diego Scotti CMO, Verizon, gives us an earful on the Yahoo and AOL deals, challenging Google and Facebook, and how best to run a massive marketing organization

Diego Scotti commands one of the largest marketing spends in the world as CMO of Verizon. He joined us at NewCo Shift to discuss how Verizon, once merely a massive carrier brand, is shifting into overdrive, becoming not only a major content and advertising player (through its acquisitions of both AOL and Yahoo!), but also a pure technology brand (the jury is out on that one, but I’d not bet against them in the long run). Scotti is also an innovator in his approach to management — since taking over the helm of Verizon’s marketing machine, he’s forced his agencies into a diversity audit, created “Challenger Boards” that rip his marketing plans apart, and instituted new programs that address the fundamental “pipeline problem” in STEM education for minorities. Below is the full video interview and text, edited for clarity.

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