Theranos Tries To Take It All Back


NEwPhoto of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes: Fortune

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Theranos Tries To Take It All Back
Recent days have seen a number of tough-minded analyses of the problems afflicting troubled medical device maker Theranos, ranging from FiveThirtyEight’s contention that new blood tests aren’t the answer to a post from the former chief scientist of Express Scripts arguing that Theranos’ rise is a symptom of our thinking the wrong way about disease. But last night came the shocker: a Wall Street Journal scoop that the company is voiding two years of its test results in an attempt to avoid threatened regulatory sanctions. This follows an executive reshuffle and a series of “broad corrective actions.” The sharp pivot to transparency is certainly welcome from a company that works with such critical data, but this change of strategy likely comes too late to make a difference for regulators, partners, and customers, all of whom feel burned.

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