When A President Divides, Business Must Lead


Money Quote: Tuesday Sept. 25

Insert overtaxed “political football” headline here…


In the time of Trump, sponsors are being forced to take a side, or a the very least, speak out of both sides of their mouths. While some major sponsors hedged (Under Armour) or offered support for both sides (Ford), Nike took a stand, showing a spine that others lacked. Money quote: “Nike has taken an obvious stance on the Trump vs NFL controversy, a story that is unlikely to go away in the coming weeks. For now, Nike stands alone. But other sponsors may be studying the response to Nike’s statement for an indicator of what they should do.”

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A Total Rethink of Philanthropy


NewCo Shift Forum

Daniel Lurie, founder of Tipping Point, upends the traditional model with investments in R&D, new management approaches

Daniel Lurie at Shift Forum

Daniel Lurie was the chairman of the Bay area’s host committee for Superbowl 50, so he knows how to get things done in complicated, messy, and political environments. His day job requires that skill in spades: He’s literally reinventing how philanthropy is done. Watch or read below — and get to know Daniel and Tipping Point. It’s well worth the time invested.

Daniel Lurie: I love the Bay Area. I grew up about a mile from here. I went to really good schools, I had loving parents, great siblings, I had it really good. I do remember when I was 12 or 13 years old and I was lying in bed and I was upset, I was upset that I wasn’t doing more with my life.

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Steph Curry: You Win When Everyone Touches the Ball


NewCo Shift Forum Dialogs, in Partnership with EY

“The job satisfaction at the Warriors is pretty high right now.”

Steph Curry at NewCo Shift Forum

The Golden State Warriors are a team full of superstars, with some of the best individual talent in the NBA. Much of the Warriors success, though, is due to their relentless focus on putting personal glory aside and working together as a team. Here’s the proof: they have led the NBA in assists the past three years by a significant margin, showing their ability to create opportunities as a team, not just as individual talents. The formula is working — it led the Warriors to a historic 73-win season in 2016, and an NBA championship in 2015.

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