Govern Like You Give a Damn


Three upgrades for startup and venture capital governance

In recent months, the news has been filled with examples of unethical and sometimes criminal behavior occurring across the technology industry, inside startups, and inside investment firms. This is a wake up call for VCs and entrepreneurs to put more time and effort into culture, values, and better governance systems at the earliest stages of startup formation.

If you want a more detailed examination of the issues, I recommend this Stanford GSB “Closer Look” paper entitled Governance Gone Wild: Epic Misbehavior at Uber Technologies.

Rather than pile onto the mountain of negative news about the technology industry, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and work on solutions.

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The Best of NewCo Shift — Week of Dec. 5

These stories are definitely worth your time.

It’s been another great week of remarkable stories on NewCo Shift. This time we highlight thoughtful commentary on what it means to be financially stable, the “Matt Lauers” of the world, California politics, Etsy’s public market travails, and much more.

NewCo Shift also sources and edits extraordinary stories into Medium’s membership area, which is on a “metered paywall” similar to the New York Times. Anyone can read them, until they hit their limit. We’re including them in our roundup so you know about this great work.

Let us know what you’re interested in us covering or pitch your own stories at Thanks for reading and those Medium claps. It means a lot to us.

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