How to End Google’s Monopoly


Over a year ago I said Google would never implement a fact based assessment in their algorithm because I thought they would understand that making such a change would be the first step to losing their search monopoly.

I was wrong.

The maniacs actually did it.

It’s still uncertain exactly what they have implemented since Google tends to not tell people how their algorithm works, but they did make an announcement back in April that they would be taking measures to punish “low quality content” such as misleading information, offensive results, hoaxes and conspiracy theories.

The road to hell…

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This Hack’s the Reason Google Keyword Planner’s Not Dead Yet


Get Shift Done: Tips and Tricks

Psssst…I’m gonna’ share a secret with you, but whatever you do, don’t tell Google.

You see, back in August, the company made a big change to their Keyword Planner, the free go-to tool for SEO specialists everywhere — instead of showing an exact number of “Average Monthly Searches,” it now shows a range — a really broad range:

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