Honor Tackles an Intractable Market: Senior Care at Home


NewCo Shift Forum

Why can’t society take care of its elderly? Seth Sternberg thinks he has a solution

There’s a particular class of companies in the world I like to call “Total NewCos.” These are firms attempting to solve massive and intractable social problems through the application of technology and innovative business models. In the past we’ve covered many of these kinds of companies, including AltSchool and Grail Bio. Joining those ranks today is Honor, brainchild of entrepreneur Seth Sternberg. He presented Honor, which is attempting to reinvent the home senior care market, at the NewCo Shift Forum earlier this year. Below is a video of his presentation, and a transcript, edited for clarity.

Seth Sternberg: Hello, everybody. How are you doing today? Thank you, John, for having me. Appreciate it. I want to take you guys quickly through Honor. I’m one of the co-founders and the CEO.

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