Why The F*ck Can’t We Fix “CRM”?


Dept. of Free Billion-Dollar Ideas

Please, let’s build the platform that finally connects business with its customers, at scale, in context, and with true value exchange.

No really. This is how they understand relationships with customers. POKE. MY. EYES OUT.

From time to time we all get great ideas, but then we do nothing about them. But this one has been running around my head for years, and recently, I’ve had this conversation with enough people that it seemed time to simply write it down — and hope releasing it into the universe might possibly help bring it to fruition in some way.

Because damn, we all need this thing to exist.

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Build Your Business Network From Gmail With Rapportive


Get Shift Done: Tips and Tricks

Networking is all about connecting with individuals both in and outside of your field to expand your opportunities. But if reaching out to people you don’t know feels daunting, focus on the people you already know by using the Rapportive Chrome extension.

To start, click here to install Rapportive. Once installed, restart your computer.

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“Talk to You in 2021” — What to Do When There Isn’t Budget


(Originally published on SaaStr — more on that here.)

“Thanks for the discussion, but we’ve have 4 years more on our contract with your competitor. Talk to you in 2021.”

— email forwarded from SaaStr community CEO this week


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