The Good Lawyers vs. the Parasites!


“After On” Audio Series: Episode 3 of 8

Three Cheers for EFF and for Cindy Cohn

I recently recorded an unhurried and wide-ranging interview with Cindy Cohn, who defends your digital privacy and free speech full time — along with that growth-causing, job-forming force we call “innovation.” She does this in her role as Executive Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. To access it, either:

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Anyway, meet Cindy:

EFF Executive Director Cindy Cohn.
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Beating Back the Patent Trolls


Repealing a Major Tax on Innovation


We won, but it cost us. It cost us close to $1 million and several hundred hours of executive time over 28 months. Time and money I would have much rather spent investing in data and technology — investing in our product, for our customers. At least we were able to invalidate the claims in the patent so they can’t go after anyone else.

It would have been cheaper to settle.

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