Holiday Office Hours


Recently fat tweeted about the tech industry’s failure to evaluate computer science students for internships. To summarize: it’s a shitshow. Jacob, better known as fat, is the co-founder of a podcasting app, co-created bootstrap the 2nd most popular open-source project on Github, lead teams at Medium and Twitter, and has spoken at international tech conferences. Jacob recently took an internship test anonymously and failed. If one of the best can’t get into the tech industry? Who can?

As the year comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting a lot on my career, the future, the past, and the present (2016, you’ve been a doozy.) When thinking about companies I’ve had the chance to work with, and the people I’ve met, I always come back to how thankful I am for those who took me under their wing. The people who took a risk hiring me when I was young and inexperienced, the people who supported me taking on more responsibility later in my career, and the people who took the time just to chat. My career exists because of those people.

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