Goodbye, Bay Area. Hello, New York!


Sometimes you have to just shake it up a bit. Or a lot.

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I first moved to the Bay area in 1983. I graduated from high school, spent my summer as an exchange student/day laborer in England (long story), then began studies at Berkeley, where I had a Navy scholarship (another long story).

1983. 35 years ago.

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Launching Farm to Local — How New Food Models Can Emerge Thanks to Agile Methodologies


“Farm to Local” is a unique new way to get freshly harvested greens delivered directly to your desk — all year round — while getting to know your local urban farmer in New York City.

Square Roots farmer-entrepreneurs now offer direct-to-desk delivery of freshly harvested greens.

“Farm to Local” launched at the end of February, and the Square Roots farmer-entrepreneurs are already running weekly deliveries to foodies who work in dozens of office locations across the city — including Vice Media, Kickstarter and Tesla.

The Square Roots farms — located in an old Pfizer factory in the middle of Brooklyn — are indoors and controlled-climate, so our farmer-entrepreneurs can grow and deliver gmo-free, spray-free, locally-grown, super-tasty food all year round in New York.

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