Could Video Games Cure Alzheimer’s?


“After On” Podcast: Episode 2 (first published to Medium member July 21)

One of the world’s top peer-reviewed journals thinks it’s possible

I recently recorded a 90-minute interview with a man who might one day cure dementia by using that classical clinical tool: the video game. Seriously! Originally available just to Medium members, it’s now available to everyone as part of the After On podcast. To access it, either:

  1. Type “After On” into your podcast app’s search field, or . . .
  2. Click the “play” button near the top of this page on Boing Boing or . . .
  3. Click here, then click the blue “View on iTunes” button in the upper left corner of the page (requires iTunes, of course),

Anyway, meet my interviewee, Adam Gazzaley:

>Dr. Adam Gazzaley of UCSF

Adam runs a giant research lab at UCSF, and is emerging as one of the top neuroscientists of his generation. This Nature cover about his agenda-setting work started cementing his reputation a few years back:

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