Ryan Leslie Shifts the Connection Between Artist and Fans


Leslie used his SuperPhone service to run an SMS campaign for his new album, connecting directly to his fanbase and making over $2 million in revenue with sales to just 15,000 people.

Ryan Leslie joined us for a talk at NewCo Shift Forum last month, NewCo’s new executive conference covering “Capitalism at a Crossroads.” He discussed his journey from Salvation Army brat (both his parents worked there) through Harvard to a career as a grammy nominated musician and entrepreneur. His new SuperPhone service connects artists directly to their fans, bypassing the limitations (and obstacles) of traditional social media marketing.

My name is Ryan, and unless you’re a fan of mid 2000s hip‑hop or R&B, this might be the first time you’re ever hearing about me. Fans of mid 2000s of hip‑hop and R&B (out there)? OK, some of you guys, all right. Good. I got some friends out there.

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