Contextualized Research — Right Inside Your Google Doc


Get Shift Done: Tips and Tricks

We’ve all been there. You are typing away in your Google Doc and realize you need to do more research on the subject you are writing about. You find yourself opening up another window in your browser, which leads to checking in on Facebook or Twitter. The next thing you know, several minutes have passed, and you haven’t even gone to Google to search for the subject you were writing about. (Though now you do know how to make a pig’s tail straight.)

Google Docs now has a solution to writer’s distractions, called the “Explore” button. It allows you to research a subject and other topics right in your Google Doc without ever leaving. Beyond minimizing distractions, this feature can help you be more efficient at getting your work done.

Simply hover over the icon in the lower right to see the “explore” button appear.

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