The Coming Tech Backlash


The Leader of the Luddites, engraving in 1812

Tech innovation is killing jobs, not foreign scapegoats, and revolt after Trump will be Luddite

The tech industry played an influential role in the outcome of the US Presidential election. Not just in providing the medium for Fake News and propaganda.

The root cause is job destruction by Automation — that drove a base of dissatisfied rust-belt voters to support Trump. Job destruction is accelerating, and if Tech doesn’t get ahead of this problem, there will be a significant populist backlash against the industry and it’s ability to progress.

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The Future of Work: Four Trends to Watch


Get Shift Done: Management

Image by Bethany Legg

We live in fast-paced times. Jobs are being created and destroyed at an unprecedented rate. In order to understand these changes, there’s a whole new area of research and focus emerging, broadly known as the ‘Future of Work.’ It’s an essential topic to know about if you care about your relevance as a manager in 2017 and beyond.

Discussions around the future of work currently focus around four main areas:

  1. The demise of hierarchies
  2. Re-thinking where work takes place
  3. Workplace chat
  4. Mission-based work
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There’s More to ROI Than Money Alone


Measuring success in dollars alone ignores the purpose of work

By Triplebotline (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

My father bought a lottery ticket every Thursday. Each week he told my sisters and me the same thing, “If I win, I’m still going to work tomorrow.”

Frankly, I used to think he was nuts, but many years later, I finally understood the message behind that statement: my dad didn’t work for money alone — his job gave him purpose.

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The New Future of Making It… in a Breakdown-Breakthrough World


  • Making It… Making the life and livelihood that we choose.
  • Breakdown… When the previous ways of Making It no longer work.
  • Breakthrough… When new ways of creating a life and livelihood emerge, often in totally unexpected ways.

Two enthusiastic, tech savvy millennials cornered me last weekend, immediately after my talk on “The Future of Making It — Making the Life and Livelihood that we Choose.” They wanted to share their fears and concerns for the future and they were happy to see someone recognizing the career dilemmas they face…

No, you’re not crazy for going independent. Chasing a job you don’t really want, to work for people you may not like, doing work that may hold no meaning for you, for an industry that might change radically…that’s crazy.

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