A More Inclusive Workplace


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A More Inclusive Workplace. At a time when many Muslims are feeling increasingly unwelcome in the U.S., more businesses are seeking to maintain Muslim-friendly workplaces. As Bloomberg reports, “The motivations may be principled, but the moves are practical. Managers want to keep talented workers and avoid conflict, and litigation.” The practices companies are implementing are modest (such as making sure major events don’t conflict with Muslim holidays and eliminating pork and alcohol from events), yet they add up to a much more welcome environment. And companies battling for talent are smart to make these changes: by 2035, Muslims will be the second largest non-Christian group in the U.S.

Unilever Buys Dollar Shave Club. Unilever is getting into the razor business, having paid $1 billion for upstart Dollar Shave Club (Fortune). It’s a big win for investors–and strong evidence that inspired disruptors continue to make an impact. In particular, as Ben Thompson notes, it’s evidence of the eventual disruption of everything. Why was Unilever an ideal buyer? Because it doesn’t have an existing shaving business to protect. The shift to new sorts of businesses continues. And, here on NewCo Shift, read VC David Pakman’s take, Dollar Shave Club: How Michael Dubin Created A Massively Successful Company and Re-Defined CPG.

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