Are You Going Direct to Consumer Yet?


NewCo Shift Forum

It took a kick in the teeth and the rise of social media to teach celebrity chef Tyler Florence a lesson he’ll never forget: You have to learn how to make your own content, period.

Tyler Florence initially made his name as executive chef at a string of hit restaurants, but he came to fame on the Food Network. But when the 2008 recession cancelled his show and cut off his income and audience, he found his way back to the spotlight through intelligent use of social media and new kinds of business partnerships. Below is the video of Florence’s fascinating talk at NewCo Shift Forum, along with the full transcript, edited for clarity.

Tyler Florence: My name’s Tyler Florence. I’m an executive chef and owner of Wayfare Tavern here in San Francisco. If you guys live in San Francisco, I’m sure you’ve had the fried chicken. If you haven’t, we’d love to feed you, make sure you get a chance to pop by.

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