#NoBan(2.0): Together We Win


A joint statement by 130+ founders, executives and investors against President’s Executive Order banning individuals from six Muslim-majority countries from entering America

As technology executives, investors and leaders in Silicon Valley we are appalled at the President of the United State’s Executive Order (EO) signed this Friday, January 27 barring entry to the United States of individuals from seven Muslim-majority countries. Even current visa holders and permanent U.S. residents — many who work in our industry— are being prevented from traveling back home to the U.S. This targeting of individuals based on national origin and religion is morally wrong and profoundly un-American. We urge the President to rescind this order, and for the United States Congress and courts to step in and uphold our constitution (we are heartened by a federal judge’s ruling on Feb., 3 to halt the implementation of the EO, and the U.S. Court of Appeals’ Feb. 9 decision to not reinstate the ban. The administration’s revised EO announced on Mar. 6 still constitutes discrimination against people from six Muslim-majority nations. We reject the measure, and will continue to oppose).

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