How to Create Calendar Invites That Don’t Piss People Off


Get Shift Done: Management

You’ve sent the emails, made the pitch, and landed the meeting. Big meeting, big stakes. So when you send a calendar invitation to hold another person’s valuable time, don’t be a noob — especially if you want the right people to show up at your meeting, at the right time.

In a perfect world:

  • You create the invitation in a calendar program…
  • which emails the invitation to the people you invite…
  • who accept the invitation…
  • at which point you are notified that the meeting is all set.
  • If the meeting’s time, place, or details change, that change is reflected on everyone’s calendar.
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Automatically Sync Your Basecamp Schedule With Your Favorite Calendar App


Get Shift Done: Tips and Tricks

It’s become pretty crucial to have a well-maintained calendar to track your availability and upcoming responsibilities both at the office and at home. Easier said than done though, especially if you work on multiple teams or projects, each with their own steady stream of things to do. That’s why this Basecamp tips is so useful.

If you use Basecamp 3, you’ll be familiar with the Schedule feature available from within any project:

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