Launching Farm to Local — How New Food Models Can Emerge Thanks to Agile Methodologies


“Farm to Local” is a unique new way to get freshly harvested greens delivered directly to your desk — all year round — while getting to know your local urban farmer in New York City.

Square Roots farmer-entrepreneurs now offer direct-to-desk delivery of freshly harvested greens.

“Farm to Local” launched at the end of February, and the Square Roots farmer-entrepreneurs are already running weekly deliveries to foodies who work in dozens of office locations across the city — including Vice Media, Kickstarter and Tesla.

The Square Roots farms — located in an old Pfizer factory in the middle of Brooklyn — are indoors and controlled-climate, so our farmer-entrepreneurs can grow and deliver gmo-free, spray-free, locally-grown, super-tasty food all year round in New York.

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Urban Farming Today Is Like the Internet More Than 20 Years Ago


The first Square Roots Urban Farming Campus, Brooklyn, New York.

As Kimbal Musk puts it, “the opportunity in front of entrepreneurs in real food today is bigger than the internet was to my generation in the mid-90s.” That’s one of the reasons we set up Square Roots — to empower the next generation to become entrepreneurial leaders in the coming real food revolution.

Hopefully some of the stuff we learned about making the internet work back then is helpful to the next generation as they tackle the opportunity in real food right now.

Some parallels hit home one morning this week when I bumped into Maxwell as I arrived on the Square Roots farm in Brooklyn. He was just heading home for some sleep after harvesting all night. Max is one of the first ten entrepreneur-farmers at Square Roots. His cohort classmate Electra had also pulled a late one — and this incredible time lapse video shows how hard they have to work in the farms today, and how manual the harvesting process is right now.

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