What Happens when Companies Remove Performance Reviews?


I hope, by this point in business evolution, we all realize the standard employee evaluation is a total joke. It’s a farce. It allows lazy, bad managers to hide behind some once-a-year BS. They throw themselves on the cross the entire time — “This so much process! I’m so busy with everything else I do all day!” — and then give a generic review. The review is predominantly a compliment sandwich where the negatives are from seven months prior. The employee had no idea about those negatives at the time, but in the employee evaluation, the grenades come out.

At the end of the mostly-stressful 30 minutes, the employee gets a tiny little raise (“Wish we could do more, Bob! Next year!”) and the manager goes back to digital paper-pushing and crippling the economy. The next time you’ll hear from your boss after the employee evaluation is in two weeks when some no-context email flies into your inbox. It’s a sense of urgency project, though.

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