A First-Timer’s Picks for NewCo’s Bay Area Festival


I joined NewCo a little under a year ago to help tell the story of capitalism at a crossroads. The role of business in society is being redefined by innovative, missi0n-driven companies that are measuring their success by more than just profit. We think this is the biggest shift in business and culture since the Industrial Revolution, and we connect and celebrate these purpose-led companies through both our media and our festivals across the world.

Next week, we’re hosting our largest event yet: the Bay Area Festival, from Feb 6th to 9th. I’m really exited to actually experience the story myself for the first time, and visit the companies on the front lines of this shift towards purpose-driven business. There couldn’t be a better moment: businesses are transforming faster than ever before, industries are being reshaped, and we’re all trying to stay ahead of the curve and chart a better course forward. Our festival offers the one-of-a-kind event that lets attendees personalize their experience and visit the companies they’re most inspired by. Here are companies on my list:

Monday, February 6 — Masterclasses at the St. Regis in San Francisco

10:00 AM: Twitter for Executives

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Genome Testing Is Now Affordable: Ancestry Is Bringing It To The Masses


NewCo Spotlight

As the largest genealogy company in the world, Ancestry has gone through several iterations throughout its 34-year history. The company began its life as a newsletter in 1983, graduating to magazine format in 1994, then launching its .com two years later. Today Ancestry offers ancestryDNA kits, a simple test that analyzes an individual’s DNA in order to provide insight on origin, their ethnic mix, discover distant relatives, and find new details about their unique family history via their large DNA database and many historical records.

Source: https://www.genome.gov/sequencingcosts/

As a global leader in family history and consumer genomics, Ancestry has experienced intense growth, partially due to a rapid decrease in costs for genome sequencing. Just 10 years ago, sequencing a genome could cost $10 million, but today that price has dropped to hundreds of dollars. This has allowed Ancestry to offer kits to genotype a customer’s DNA that otherwise would have been cost prohibited just a few years back. Although genotyping a customers DNA isn’t full genome sequencing, the test still offers unprecedent insignts to an individual’s background.

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This Is The Most Popular Vehicle In The World


Monday Motorbikes Plans to Reinvent the Moped

Often ignored by established companies, electric vehicles have been embraced by various start ups that aim to change the way we move. After early setbacks, EVs have experienced a renaissance. Of course Tesla has found success in the high-end electric car market, positioning itself as a challenger to legacy gas-engine car manufactures when it releases is lower-end model in 2018. But other companies are finding niches in all corners of the market. Zero Motorcycles have become very popular with the environmental conscious motorcyclist, and Faraday Bikes has encouraged people to ride their bicycles more often.


And then there’s Monday Motorbikes, a small company located in Brisbane, Calif. that aims for the market right between short-range bicycles and high-powered motorcycles Its fully electric moped may sound too niche for some, but these medium-range gas powered vehicles are the most popular vehicles in the world. In fact, the biggest selling vehicle of all time is the Honda Super Cub, which is in the same vehicle category as Monday Motorbike’s M1. The Honda Super Cub alone has sold more than 87 million units since its production started in 1958. Mopeds continue to be the preferred mode of transportation in Asia and Africa, due to their price range and fuel economy.

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