The Food Crusades


Pointing fingers at farmers and ranchers.

Ranchers on Connealy Angus

Last night I watched a TedX talk that successfully induced fear into its audience about how we are being betrayed, deceived, and cheated into buying food that is raised inhumanely, unethically, and ultimately, is dangerous for our bodies.

The speaker dubbed the collective group behind this deception the “fiberatti — a secret society of people trained in deceptive food marketing.”

He first attacked the dairy industry, calling attention to the differences between the rolling grassy hills portrayed in milk marketing campaigns and the scenes of a real dairy. He then moved on to speak of the fiberatti’s influences on pork, poultry, crop farming, and the beef industry.

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Beef for the Better


Cattle are cheap and ranchers are struggling, but the price of your steak hasn’t changed.

Cattle prices are extremely low right now, and ranchers across the country are struggling to feed their herds and their families. But you probably haven’t noticed a commensurate drop in the price of you beef at the market, have you.

Here’s why.

Hands in the cookie jar.

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