A tisk-it a task-it: Automate Tasks from Slack to Asana Using Zapier


Get Shift Done: Tips and Tricks

Even if you began using “team communication” tools with IRC, you can appreciate Slack’s virtues, such as automation features and connectivity with other tools. For instance, you can send a task straight to Asana (a full-featured task management system), which creates a solid connection between team communication and the action items on which to follow up.

Even better, using a tool like Zapier to connect Slack to Asana can save time and help with task delegation. Instead of adding a task to two separate applications — once to Slack and again to Asana — you can click on the star on the Slack item and Asana is updated.

It’s surprisingly easy to set this up, though the initial configuration includes a few steps to ensure everything is connected correctly.

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