Flyering Is Hard, but All Employees Should Do It



Every day I flyer for 30 minutes. I walk on sidewalks and speak with people as they sit on benches, stand at lights, stare into their phones, and stand idly while smoking. If you have never passed out flyers before you really should give it a try. It’s hard and uncomfortable but it can be done anywhere.

How many software companies flyer or require their employees to do so? Likely very few. Yet the benefits are surprisingly rewarding.

My immediate goals for flyering are two-fold: interact with prospective users and acquire leads for Pennybox, a company that I founded. Each conversation I have helps me understand the needs of potential customers and, if the conversation goes well, enables me to obtain their contact information. It’s my hope that some of these people will remember our chat fondly and trial the product when I followup.

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My Life’s Biggest “Here Goes Nothing” Moment


Handing in the Google badge for the chance to change education

I first started interviewing with Google as a 22-year old. This year, I turn 30. Google is an exceptional place to work — the culture, people, products, and perks are world-class. Having spent the bulk of my 20’s with Google, I can say with confidence that the company grew to be more than an employer to me; it became family. So my decision to leave was very challenging.

However, when I think of where I am headed next — to start my own company to educate kids about financial literacy — I am filled with excitement and optimism. I am also filled with fear. Walking away from comfort, predictability, and an income — all at the same time — surely qualifies as the biggest “here goes nothing” moment in my life. This is my story.

Broken Technology and Outdated Curriculum in the Classroom

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