7 Musings on Minion Management


So, you’ve just been promoted to the dark side of management but you don’t know how to lead your minions? Here are a few tips on keeping your plebeians in line.

Make Your Minions Do the Dirty Work

You shouldn’t worry yourself about work that’s underneath you, you get paid way to much. You’ve hired coder monkeys to handle everything from downed servers at 3am to documentation to those pesky clients. All you have to do is sit back and make sure they don’t lose focus.

Don’t Give Any Praise

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The Five Traits I Look For When Hiring


Regardless of experience, these are the five traits I look for in potential employees.

Hiring is hard. It’s a stressful process where you’re trying to find a good fit, both personally and technically, all in a few short hours. Over the last five years I’ve hired numerous developers and while they haven’t all worked out, I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to work with some excellent people.

In every case, as I’m sitting across from them in the interview, I focus on trying to see if the candidate exhibits the following five traits.


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