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Announcing the 2018 NewCo Honors Nominees

We’re in the final stretch leading up to NewCo Shift Forum and are pleased to announce the nominees for the NewCo Honors, our annual awards for organizations doing well by doing good. Nominees are all market leaders and well-known names in their respective sectors, but what makes them significant through the NewCo lens is their commitment to leading in a new market with significant positive impact. They are the embodiment of business on a mission. NewCo Honors are given annually for actions in the previous year.

All of these organizations are “NewCos” based on our editorial narrative, which we have written about extensively, refined, and clarified over the years. They are a new kind of company, one that measures its success by more than profit. They are purpose-driven, information-first, networked, and, most importantly, on a mission.

The NewCo Honors process is exciting and collaborative. Our editorial team convenes with a group of entrepreneurs, investors, members of the media, and big thinkers (the list is here). We collectively nominate companies from our individual orbits and provide extensive background information about these organizations and what they accomplished in the year prior. If a judge is involved in a company nominated by other judges, that judge recuses him or herself from voting in that company’s category. We categorize each nominee into groups for each of the three yearly NewCo Honors. Winners will be announced at Shift Forum on February 26, 2018 (here’s the conference agenda).

The BigCo

BigCos typically have been around for at least ten years or have gone public and are often significant incumbents in their industry. Last year the award was given to Unilever, which has become a global leader in sustainability and social responsibility — particularly with its commitment to the environment, and to preserving the culture and missions of the smaller companies it has acquired (Dollar Shave, Seventh Generation, and more).

The nominees for 2018 BigCo of the Year are:

The NewCo

This category is closest to our heart as our media business was launched as a festival of new kinds of companies who opened the doors of their offices to welcome the community for short interactive sessions. NewCos are less than ten-year-old startups taking on big problems, disrupting their vertical, creating new work environments, and keeping the BigCos on their toes. Last year the award was given to Tesla for using the power of business and technology to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. This year the nominees for NewCo of the Year are:

The Non-ProfitCo

These organizations have doing good built into their existence. Last year the winner was Defy Ventures for serving formerly incarcerated individuals through an entrepreneurship, leadership, and training program. This year our nominees for this category are standouts in their decision to tackle some of the most daunting problems faced by humanity. The nominees for this year’s Non-ProfitCo of the Year are:

We will announce the winner in each category on February 26th. Keep an eye out here in our Shift publication for a write up of the winners. Congratulations to all the nominees!

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