The Best Of NewCo Shift — Week of November 7th


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We’ve Not Thought Through the Legal and Ethical Disruption of Augmented Reality

How will Augmented Reality affect society? Will it make the same mistakes as social media? Those are the topics covered in this story that raise “grey area” types of questions about this emerging technology. Augmented reality can help advance society to a new golden age as well as it can threaten to harm parts of it in inequitable ways. Starting the conversation on how we want to manage and regulate AR now will be an important step into this much larger, ongoing debate.

Donald Trump in the Age of Cynicism

There has been a lot of developments in the last two weeks that leaves many of us asking ourselves, what is really going on in the United States right now? Writer Yonatan Zunger attempts to explain the political chaos enveloping the White House. Has Donald Trump created an unprecedented power vacuum in the United States?

Alien, Dismissible, Dangerous, Greedy, True

Bitcoin’s titanic climb is a topic hard to explain, but finding similarities with where the internet stood in 1993 can shed light on some answers. With Bitcoin’s prices on a tear, and nearly overwhelming blockchain and the ICO hype, John Battelle starts a journey to figure out why.

People Didn’t Need the Internet in 1993. Do They Need Blockchain Now?

In another piece to trying to understand the technology responsible for Bitcoin, Elena Yunusov, founder of Communicable Inc, holds a fascinating conversation with Andreas M. Antonopoulos, author of Mastering Bitcoin and The Internet of Money, one of the world’s leading experts on bitcoin and blockchain.

We’ve Forgotten That Where We Run Our Ads Matters.

In our latest Premium story, Rick Webb continues his series “Which Half Is Wasted,” which takes a deep dive into the the business of advertising. His latest take explains how digital has ignored the theory of signaling — to the detriment of both advertisers and society.

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