What the Future of Artificial Intelligence Demands


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Smartening up our global auto fleets would required the equivalent of increasing the iPhone industry by at least five-fold.

In one of our Medium Premium series created in conjunction with noted authors and journalists, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Computing, by AI expert Azeem Azhar, explores the role of society if we ever want to get serious about Artificial Intelligence in our lifetimes. In the first part of the exclusive series (membership is required, but Medium does have a “metered paywall’’), Azhar discusses how artificial intelligence is ramping up the demand for computing cycles.

You can read the first entry here, which discusses the demands machine learning-like applications are going to make on available computing processing. The second entry, found here, explores how the demands of AI will drive two shifts: the resurgence of the processing on the edge, and the arrival of new processing architectures.

The third entry of the series — due in a week — will look at what opportunities this provides for investors and entrepreneurs. This is an eye opening series that looks into the near future of AI.

Explore the series here: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Computing

Part I: If We Want To Get To Real Time AI, We’ve Got To Build Another iPhone Industry. Five Times Over.

Part II: Back to the Edge: AI Will Force Distributed Intelligence Everywhere

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