The Best Of NewCo Shift — Week of September 11th


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What Can Be Pardoned?

After President Trump pardoned disgraced Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the action raised an interesting question about the limits of pardon power. This articles explores presidential pardons, and wonders if we will ever find out what was going on behind the closed doors of Trump Tower and the Mayflower Hotel.

The NonProfit Sector Must Move From Transaction to Collaboration

How should Non-Profits measure success? Jason Ricci argues that analytics and numbers alone fail to tell the real story of non-profits success. It’s all about the story, and iterative learning and communication with partners.

The Future of Management

Management technics are always changing, and failure to change can cause a team to underperform. Today most people believe that the role of leaders is to choose strategic directions and then persuade others to follow them. This article offers a modern view that focuses on exploration and experiments, a networked process of trial and error.

Tech Is Public Enemy #1. So Now What?

Tech has managed to climb to the top of the list of the most hated industries. It has been an onslaught of bad PR for big tech companies like Uber, Facebook, Google and Amazon. NewCo Shift’s Editor in Chief, John Battelle, offers a possible solution. “Redirecting their enormous profits and platforms toward creating what Richard Florida, a keen observer of urban economies, calls ‘inclusive prosperity’.”

Can Business and New Federalism Save Our Cities?

And who is Richard Florida? He is an Urbanist and Author who predicted the resurgence in city centers due to a new class of creative “knowledge workers.” In an exclusive interview with NewCo Shift, Florida has some choice words for the tech industry, and posits a new approach to local government that he admits would be challenging to implement.

Audiocast: Two Hours with Sam Harris

“After on” Author, Rob Reid, recently recorded a luxuriously unhurried conversation with author, neuroscientist, and public intellectual Sam Harris. Sam first entered the public eye with the release of his 2004 bestseller The End of Faith. A rumination on 9/11 and an endorsement of atheism (though that word is used precisely once in its text), The End of Faith peaked at #4 on the New York Times bestseller list.

Ad Tech’s Impossible Mission

One of our Premium member stories, Rick Webb continues his series from his book, Which Half is Wasted. He discusses whether the internet and the ad tech of today is up to the task of capturing the other half of advertising money it can’t already claim.

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