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No. This Cannot Stand.

Last weekend was filled with violence, and everyone in a free democracy agrees that to threaten those engaged in a certain conversation with physical violence is terrorism, period. That is exactly what happened when Google attempted to organize a meeting about a controversial memo that went around the company last week. This piece makes the case that the time to stand up to these terrorists is now.

Is Social Media The New Tobacco?

At this point it seems social media has caused more harm than good in society with the spreading of misinformation, attacks and its addictive nature. New research shows that the first generation of teenagers to grow up with a smartphone in their hands is demonstrating wildly different patterns from any previously researched group. Spoiler alert, these patterns aren’t good. This is not how we want to be raising our children.

Tick Tock, Google, and Tick Tick Tick

As we noted above, it hasn’t been a good week for Google’s PR team. Our take was that “leaders must be quick to condemn clear violations of internal policy, particularly when they also contravene hard won (and politically threatened) cultural norms.” Even more resonant, given Trump’s reluctance over the past weekend. Our take on that story, and how it relates to the Google memo, is here.

How (and Why) to Avoid Hiring That Terrible Google Dudebro

Speaking about sexism in Silicon Valley, Annie Feigheryexplains how to avoid working with a sexist employee. Maybe by asking a potential boss/colleague/partner/co-founder/employee: “Tell me about the strong women in your life.”

Right Here, Right Now: 27 Simple Actions to Support Women in Tech

Of course there are many other things to do to change a sexist culture in Tech, and this article by Cassie Divine lists many different actions one can take right now to take us forward.

What It’s Like to Be a Woman at a Tech Conference

One of our most popular pieces came from Chloe Condon. “It’s important to note that with the many attempts to get ‘more women in tech’ and ‘add diversity to teams’, it’s important to approach this issue with passion and enthusiasm, but also with a sense of humor and forgiveness.”

Write for 7,500 Hours, Then Hit Post

Switching gears, Rob Reidexplains why he thinks Medium’s publishing platform will be essential for writers to showcase their work. He uses the platform to feature excerpts from his latest novel, “After On,” a tale of an imaginary social media startup. A rather diabolical one, which attains its own version of consciousness.

There Is One Thing Computers Will Never Beat Us At

But if you are afraid of AI and its implications in the economy, AI expert, Azeem Azhar, argues that the Artisan Economy will bloom as demand for human imperfection sky rockets. An alternative to other gloomy stories about AI and Automation.

No, We Don’t Need Another Green Revolution

One of our most talked about articles comes from Chris Newman, who claims that science alone can’t solve agricultural issues. His article was a rebuttal to the Washington Post’s article on how to feed nine billion people by 2050.

How I Unlearn

Finally, Beth Comstock, Vice Chair at GE, writes for NewCo Shift about how to clear your mind to keep things going forward. “The less you know about a project, the more creative you can be.”

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