A Handy Guide to Visiting the Best Companies In Boston


Here’s my ideal lineup for navigating NewCo Boston next week

Ah, Boston. Such a wonderful, academic, complicated city, bursting with new kinds of companies worth checking out. Fortunately for us, NewCo’s partner MassTLC has organized a two-day festival that allows anyone to have their pick of scores of amazing organizations — meet the founders, tour the headquarters, and make deep connections.

I won’t be able to visit NewCo Boston this year, but I spent a couple of hours researching the companies I’d have liked to visit if I could be there. Here are my picks:

Weds. April 5th

8.30 am: DrugDev — Healthcare is a huge part of Boston’s economy, and I love this company’s passionate mission to subvert the standard approach to new drug development. Wish I could also go: Hunter Creative Labs, Acquia.

10.30 am: Kyruus — I’m fascinated by how we as a society will manage personal data, and I believe health data will be the axis around which we’ll pivot from a silo’d, platform lockdown to a distributed, personal model of control. Kyruus lives in that space. Wish I could also go: The Grommet, Powerhouse Dynamics.

12.30 pm: Brainshark — I used to run pretty big sales departments, and it’s been a while since I’ve caught up with the latest in sales tech. Brainshark’s been in the business a long time and its session is exploring the intersection of sales and AI/AR and other new developments. Wish I could also go: Piaggio Fast Forward, Mimecast.

2.30 pm: athenahealth — Continuing my healthcare education, athenahealth is a sophisticated platform to help providers in the industry. Wish I could also go: WeSpire, Venture Cafe Kendall Square.

4.30 pm: AT&T — NewCos aren’t just small companies and startups. I’m always interested in what the BigCos are up to. Wish I could also go: MassRobotics, ToonCrier.

5.30 pm: Time for a well deserved drink + networking at General Assembly!

Thurs. April 6th

8.30 am: Harvard Business School — Who wouldn’t want a tour of these hallowed halls? Wish I could also go: Oxfam America, Lovepop.

10.30 am: Rue La La — A visit with the ecommerce pioneer’s CTO? Yes please. Wish I could also go: Verizon Innovation Center, ownerIQ.

12.30 pm: CIC Boston — I’m glad CIC has two sessions (they also have one in the morning) because this is the white hot center of innovation in the Boston area. Wish I could also go: CloudHealth, Carbonite.

2.30 pm: Wayfair — The session will explore VR and AR in home shopping applications. Sound fascinating. Wish I could also go: Fidelity Labs, Referral Mob.

4.30 pm: IBM — As with AT&T, always interested in the big companies’ POV. Plus, we’ll get to play with Watson! Wish I could also go: FinTech Sandbox, Education First.

5.30 pm: Another round of post NewCo drinks, this time at Education First.

Get out there and explore the great city of Boston at NewCo this year!

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