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Get Shift Done: Tips and Tricks

Get Shift Done Weekly Roundup: Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Non-Techie’s Guide to Finding and Choosing Online Software

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when trying to find, evaluate and select online software for your business. That’s why I’ve created this six-step guide.

This process uses your specific business needs as a filter to cut through the noise and distractions so you can focus-in and find the right online software solution time-and-time again. Check it out…

Try These Top GSD Tips

How to Turn Google Calendar into an Information Hub

Did you know that your Google Calendar can also be an information hub? You can add other calendars, weather reports and other useful widgets. Here’s how to add a few specific widgets and where to find more.

Got an Appointment with a Journalist? Here’s What To Do Before the Interview

Congratulations! You made sure that reporters can reach you, you strategized reasons for them to want to talk with you, and now you have an interview lined up with a journalist from a relevant media outlet. Many companies never make it this far, so you’ve accomplished quite a bit. Now all you have to do is not blow it.

Static PowerPoints Are So Ten Minutes Ago: Use Motion Path In Powerpoint!

Do you want to spice up your Microsoft PowerPoint 365 presentation to include something more than static images? Looking for a more energetic way to tell an effective story in your presentations? Applying motion path animation effects to your slide deck is an easy way to liven up your presentation and give it a professional sheen. And it’s fun!

After the Interview: 3 Things One Journalist Wishes You Did

While you can’t control what a reporter says about your company, its products and services, or you, there are certainly things you can do to improve the odds of positive coverage. Based on my 29 years in tech journalism, here’s three recommendations for what you can do after the interview with a reporter.

Set Up Reminders and Appointments (For You AND Your Team) in Slack

We all have multiple systems and devices for reminding us about appointments and tasks. The one flaw in most of them however, is the fact that you can only set reminders for yourself. That’s no longer the case though because you can easily add high-impact, useful reminders, bit for yourself and your teammates, to Slack!

NewCo Partner Spotlight

A Total Rethink of How Work Should Work

New York-based Work Market helps large enterprises create “labor clouds” that connect skilled workers with tasks companies need to complete. In short, Work Market hopes to instrument a wholesale rethinking of how work gets done in our society — from a world of traditional corporate employment to a world where every skilled worker can act as an enterprise of one. Get the details here…

Featured in NewCo Shift

Why Trump’s Inauguration is Not the Beginning of an Era — but the End

Trump is a symptom of something much bigger and more fundamental going on in the world. So are the people behind Brexit in Great Britain. They are not driving the change, they are reacting to the change. They are not showing the way forward, they are making desperate attempts to cling to the past, a past that is gone forever.

The world is in the relatively early stages of an almost inevitable transition to what can be best understood as a new 21st-century civilization. Read more…

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