Integrate Google Drive to Share Files Inside Slack


Get Shift Done: Tips and Tricks

Have you ever put the brakes on a Slack conversation so you could go look for an Google Drive link? Sharing your documents shouldn’t be so damn hard. Instead of emailing links back and forth you can share files in your Slack conversations by quickly integrating Google Drive into Slack.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to your file in Google Drive and click on the Share button.

2. Click on the Get Shareable Link button and click Copy Link.

3. Open a Slack chat with the person or channel you want to share your file with.

4. Paste the link to the Google Drive file in the chat box and hit Enter. Slack will detect that you’re trying to share a Google Drive file and will ask you if you want to connect.

8. Click on Yes or Just This Once

Google Drive will ask permission to access Slack and will ask you to sign into Slack again. It’s that easy. Now every time you share a file it will upload into the chat. Your teammates won’t even need to leave the chat to view the file.

To see the latest version of the file, hover over it with your mouse and click on the  button that appears and choose Refresh File from the menu.

You can further manage Google Drive integration, and other app integration, by going into your Slack menu and clicking on Apps & Integrations.

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