Automatically Block Spammers from Google Voice in Just a Few Steps


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So you use Google Voice and you’re just loving the free service, but then the calls start. Spammers are calling your Google Phone line, wasting your time and you patience. There has to be a way to stop them!

Don’t freak out. Just follow these simple steps to nix spammers, one at a time.

Go to your Google Voice account.

Go to the More dropdown menu and click on Received Calls.

Find the call from the spammer and click on the More dropdown menu under their number. Then, click Block caller.

A confirmation box will pop up. Click on the Block button.

Now that spammer will hear a “Not in Service” message when they try to call you and you’ll never be bothered again.

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One thought on “Automatically Block Spammers from Google Voice in Just a Few Steps”

  1. that would be nice if it actually worked. most of the spam i get is google verification, and half the time their blocked numbers ring through anyways. really sucks!

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