Need to Get a Point Across? Add a Drawing to Your Google Hangouts Conversation


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Sometimes words just don’t do it. When you need to make a visual statement in Google Hangouts you can use the, somewhat, secret drawing tool. Since the tool isn’t very obvious, many people don’t realize this feature exists, especially since the feature isn’t available on the mobile app, just on the browser version.

Start by hovering over the Photo icon (the square with the mountains in it).

Tada! The drawing tool icon (the pencil) will appear to the left of the Photo icon.

Give that pencil a click. The tools you can use to draw in the chat box will pop up.

Each icon is a drawing tool function. These control what your lines look like.

This icon lets you choose your drawing color. Simply click on the black square and a drop down menu to see the options and then click on the color you want to use.

The pencil icon brings up the pencil drawing tool:

The Multi-arrow icon helps you move the drawing area around in the chat box. Just click on the tool, then click on the drawing area and drag it to where you want it:

The Camera icon, when clicked, allows you to add photos to your drawing:

The last two Arrow icons let you undo and redo the last changes you made:

When you’re done, click on the Send button and everyone in the Hangout will see your image:

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