Compose Gmails With One Click


Get Shift Done: Tips and Tricks

When you’re heads-down working and want to avoid the distraction of your incoming email, you can use this tip to send outgoing emails without entering your inbox. The trick: create a browser bookmark that takes you directly to Gmail’s “Compose Email” window without first passing through your inbox.

  1. Start by copying this link:
  2. Next paste the copied link into the your browser’s address bar (1).
  3. Then, hit the enter or return key and it will open the Compose Email page.
  4. Finally, add that compose page as a bookmark. To do so in Chrome, click the little “add bookmark” star at the far right of the address bar (2). You can see that I have mine on the main bookmark bar (3) for easy access:

Now whenever you click the bookmark, the Compose Email page opens. Manually go in and delete the email address holder (1) and enter the proper recipient(s). You are still tied into your full Gmail Contact list, by the way, so just start typing a person’s name or insert a new email address:

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