What Happens When Leaders of BigCos, NewCos, and Government Convene?


A preview of the upcoming Shift Forum, where we’ll find out.

I’ve spent the past few weeks obsessing over the program for the first ever Shift Forum, an ambitious new event we’re convening in early February. Over the past twenty years, I’ve hosted scores of high-level executive conferences, but this one is markedly different. Shift Forum isn’t a vertical industry event — it’s not focused on technology, or marketing, or policy. Instead, the program is centered around a core, lateral idea in business — that we’re in an extraordinary period of change in our economy and our society, and that change effects every sector and every company — not just one industry.

Those of us in the technology industry tend to think all change begins and ends with our products and services, but that’s exactly the kind of thinking we need to move beyond. Without a doubt, the advance of AI, the rise of the cloud, the domination of mobile and social, and countless other technological innovations have changed business forever. Thanks to those innovations, society is demanding a new contract with business. And that’s what we’re convening to discuss.

The people who will help lead that conversation are a remarkable group. They fall into three rough categories: Leaders of the largest and most powerful companies in the world (Walmart, Aetna, Microsoft, Comcast, Google, Bank of America, J&J, Verizon); leaders of the most innovative startups in the world (Honor, Eatsa, Grail Bio, Dollar Shave Club, Box, Forward, Brandless); and the people responsible for policy, governance, and the rule of law (Health and Human Services, Department of Labor, Global Policy Solutions, Nisaken Institute). There’s never been an event that brings these three groups together to discuss the shared future of our business ecosystem. And given the entirely unprecedented political environment we now share, a new sense of urgency permeates our work.

This week, we’ll be announcing the first draft of our agenda. I hope you’re as excited as I am to review it. And if you’re interested in coming, you can apply to be a delegate here. Scores of amazing folks from all kinds of forward-looking companies already have. I look forward to seeing you there!

Join us for the NewCo Shift Forum, where 400 of the best minds in business, technology, and government will come together for two days of focused, action-oriented dialog.

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