This Is The Most Popular Vehicle In The World


Monday Motorbikes Plans to Reinvent the Moped

Often ignored by established companies, electric vehicles have been embraced by various start ups that aim to change the way we move. After early setbacks, EVs have experienced a renaissance. Of course Tesla has found success in the high-end electric car market, positioning itself as a challenger to legacy gas-engine car manufactures when it releases is lower-end model in 2018. But other companies are finding niches in all corners of the market. Zero Motorcycles have become very popular with the environmental conscious motorcyclist, and Faraday Bikes has encouraged people to ride their bicycles more often.

And then there’s Monday Motorbikes, a small company located in Brisbane, Calif. that aims for the market right between short-range bicycles and high-powered motorcycles Its fully electric moped may sound too niche for some, but these medium-range gas powered vehicles are the most popular vehicles in the world. In fact, the biggest selling vehicle of all time is the Honda Super Cub, which is in the same vehicle category as Monday Motorbike’s M1. The Honda Super Cub alone has sold more than 87 million units since its production started in 1958. Mopeds continue to be the preferred mode of transportation in Asia and Africa, due to their price range and fuel economy.

Original Honda Super Cub. Best Selling Vehicle of all time.

Cars are more expensive, hard to park, and they might be bothersome to use on less than a 5 mile commute. Bicycles have short range and low speeds, and larger motorcycles are harder to handle and maintain. Mopeds offer the perfect transportation solution for people who want fast, cheap, and convenient — exactly the urban dwellers Monday Motorbikes is targeting. Today, the large majority of mopeds are gas powered, collectively producing millions of pounds of CO2 every year. Monday Motorbikes hopes its new take on the moped can one day alter how people think about their footprint on their environment, and maybe enjoy a better commute while they’re at it.

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