Get More Productive With Evernote’s ‘Email Notes to’ Feature


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One of my favorite features of Evernote is the “Email Notes to” function which enables you to add things to your notebooks by sending them to a specific email address.

Note: this is a premium Evernote feature, though the free version does let you play with it in a limited way.

I use this feature to create new project work files that allow me to stay out of my inbox, where it’s easy to get distracted by other messages.

You’ll find your very own Evernote email address within your Account Info. In most mobile apps, it is found in the upper right corner drop down menu under Settings > Account Info.

On the web or desktop version, there’s usually a little icon that has the first initial of your first name within a circle in the lower left corner of the screen. Clicking on that pops up a menu where you can then click “Settings.”

In either case, you then scroll down until you see the “Email Notes to” field (shown below) where you’ll find the email address you should use to send items to Evernote. (Note — I have blurred mine out.)

Bonus Tip: Here’s an advanced, power user way to further filter your messages into a specific notebook with a tag and a reminder. In the subject line of the email you send to Evernote, you can include the:

  • @ symbol to designate a specific notebook,
  • # symbol to add a specific tag, and
  • ! symbol to set a reminder.

Here’s an example subject line that would add the “Blog Post on Evernote Tips” note to the “ShiftBlog” notebook, with the tag “Productivity” and a reminder for November 10, 2016:

Blog Post on Evernote Tips @ShiftBlog #Productivity !2016/11/10

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